It is one of those lazy Sundays, I’ll admit.  I spent the majority of the day eating whatever I could find around the kitchen, and splitting time between texting my boyfriend, watching a Golden Girls marathon, and an hour of Sherlock Holmes on MPT all, of course, while sitting with my laptop under fingertips.  I’ve been doing what I usually do, roaming around and researching articles and opinions on Internet marketing and so on, and one of my new favorite blogs is  While poking around I came across one of their Popular Posts called “7 Signs You Should Run Screaming from an SEO Consultant“.   Just starting out myself with professional consultation, I did take into consideration how much knowledge I could glean from this article.

The 7 Signs where as follows:

1. References to unknown “Experts”

2. Suggesting Specific Keyword Densities

3. Manic Directory Submissions

4. Over Focus on Link Buying

5. Naive Use of Social Sites

6. Black Hat Practices

7. Overly Complicated Explanations

I won’t go into all 7 as I mentioned earlier this is a lazy Sunday and I will  get tired I typing sooner than usual.  One of the 7 that ruffled my feathers the most was the Purchasing of Links as I have had this conversation of should you/shouldn’t you before.  Here was my comment on the page about the issue.

Ok, I’m laughing right now, seriously. I think I’m gonna have to do a link back on my page to this article because it is so true. I am just starting off in this venue professionally but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done my research. I think the reason I consider myself no good at “sales” is because I’m too honest, and I believe the more honest you are with your clients, the more you will receive in return. I believe in building “organically” I honestly would not and have not suggested to any clients to buy links…I think it ridiculous, and in these days a total waste of money. It would be more cost effective to hire a someone to work part-time, and research QUALITY links within your niche.  As for overly complicated explanations…if I don’t know it, I don’t know it but I’ll sure as hell research it and get back to you instead of building up a bunch of BS, it’s just not worth it, and makes you look like a clown.

I can say I don’t quite understand why people would try to take advantage of businesses (and in my case) small businesses, by telling them they need to purchase links.  I can understand the difficulty in getting the word out about who you are and what you do, but I have always been a proponent for hard work and enjoying the fruits of your labor in the future.   It is to the benefit of many new online companies (bloggers) to grow their business organically. The whole point of everything you do online really is to grow organically, in my eyes anyway.  The Internet may be light-years faster than word of mouth but the idea is still the same.  You give good service to that one person you found who would actually allow you to do whatever it is you do, then you rely on that one customer to give good reference about you to other potential clients and that is how the majority of good, stead fast businesses grow.  It is rare that businesses see customers coming in en mass without good organic marketing, even with high priced advertising!  So, why not attribute that same thinking to online?  Building links is just like building relationships, and not just any old relationships, QUALITY relationships…I cannot stress “quality” enough.  Throwing yourself shamelessly at unknown sites, just to get your name somewhere is not the way to grow.  Links can be built, though it takes strategy and time, without spending mega dollars.  Check out this article “101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website” on building links written by  Andy Hagans and Adam Wall.   Many, many innovative ways lain out for those in search of retrieving links without going broke.

Remember: Don’t believe that you have to invest a good amount “money” to start from the ground up…but you should believe in investing a good amount of time.


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