What’cha doin’?…


Being a multi-blog blogger, for the past few years or so, and writing content for a few online magazines I have come to love writing and conveying ideas more than I had in the past.  Though I am a soft speaker and choose to stay in the back ground of things than be in the forefront, I still believe that people should know what is on my mind at the time I’m confident enough to say it.  Blogging and posting frequently, for me, has definitely been an outlet where I can say my piece and get the reactions and comments of people from different view points all around the world.  Now, how does that tie into building online presence & marketing?  I’ll tell you.  These days it is rare…or at least it should be, that we find companies online that do not have some sort of social media outlet that tells their customers what is happening with the business.  The Neiman Marcus chain store CUSP (www.cusp.com), started it’s website that way when opening one of its first stores at Tysons Corner Mall in Tysons Corner, VA.  Their site, at the time, was just a plan old blog.  When I first went to the site, I’ll admit, I was a bit frustrated because I couldn’t order anything  (not that I had the money to anyway…but it was the principle…you know), but I soon found that the blog was more in-depth than a regular site.  They posted frequently about interesting information such as new store openings, pictures of new employees, events, sales etc.  CUSP is now a full blown website but they still maintain a blog and  “tah-daahhh”  Facebook and MySpace pages.  It is imperative that businesses not post only about the BIG EVENTS, but also try to post frequently about smaller more “in the know” things, like what is happening in the office today, or who stopped by to chat today.  I believe those interesting pieces of information bring your audience closer, increasing interest, encouraging interaction and an in turn building, from the ground up, a  loyal following.


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